Ministry Descriptions Hub

Ministry Descriptions are one page descriptions of an individual volunteer opportunity at FUPC. We utilize these descriptions to help folks get further involved in the life of the church. The ministry descriptions help volunteers and committee members know what is expected of the role they are taking on or considering taking on. Ministry Descriptions list the time commitment, specific tasks, gifts and abilities, and explain how that specific volunteer role helps further the mission of the church. This page is dedicated to helping committees and groups at our church keep their Ministry Descriptions up to date.

When new members join our church, they are encouraged to fill out a survey called the Discovery Tool. This survey helps match them with volunteer opportunities within the church. The survey asks about their interests and skills and matches them with ministry descriptions (current volunteer opportunities in the church). For this reason, Member Connections works to make sure our ministry descriptions are current and as accurate as possible. This helps committees with volunteer recruitment as well! 

  • Create a New Ministry Description

    Template for a new ministry description, click here.

    Spiritual Gifts and Abilities description document, click here.

Updating Ministry Descriptions

Looking for directions on updating your committee or team's ministry descriptions? Click here for the form email instructions.