LifeGroups are our small groups which provide fellowship, service, and discipleship connections for people in the church.

We have over a dozen LifeGroups; scroll down to see some examples!


Sand Dollars were founded under the Presbyterian Mariner structure in the early 1980’s. We have kept this influence through our existence. Sand Dollars promote Christian fellowship; continuing faith journey enrichments and strong family values. 
For 36 years we have hosted a Mrs. Bunny breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt for families in the church and for those families who are residing at the Belleville Crisis Center.
We’ve assisted with the decorating of the greens by putting up the large holiday trees both in the sanctuary and Eversull Hall.  We assist in various projects where we could assist with our skill sets.
Sand Dollars welcome any person affiliated with the church (or friends of members), single or married, with or without children.  Families with children are welcome but we ask to have advance notice so that child care can be arranged in the gym.
Our children are bringing their children now!

Sand Dollars meet the 1st Friday of the month between September and May at First United Presbyterian church in Eversull Hall at 6:30 p.m. for a potluck meal, meeting and fellowship.  The summer months we have activities away from the church.

We invite you to join Sand Dollars and invite you to talk to one of our members:
Bill & Ellen Beebe (618) 398-5080,
Dee McCarty, (618) 560-9000,
Joe & Brenda Fedak  (618)  233-1213,


Who We Are

The Helmsmen is one of three Mariner groups in our church. We are a group focused on family values that provides an opportunity for couples and singles to meet socially in a Christian environment. We are a diverse group and provide programs that are of interest to all. Speakers and programs are drawn from Church and community resources and reflect the interests of the group. We also welcome Christians from other churches to join or just participate in any or all of our activities.


At our Potluck Dinners on the third Saturday of each month, we enjoy fellowship with each other and have various speakers and entertaining programs. Program and activity ideas are drawn from our membership. We encourage our members to invite guests to participate with us.

During the months of May through July, we go on an outing in lieu of our regular meeting. These are as varied as our membership and include visits to many area museums and attractions. Dining is always part of these outings. August is reserved for our annual picnic and in December we hold our annual Christmas party.



Helmsmen are dedicated to working and serving together to support our church and the community. Members take an active role in Adult Mission Trips as well as volunteering to take part in the various maintenance activities around the church. We also hold several fund raisers throughout the year and donate the funds for needed repairs or new equipment. Our two major events include providing support to the annual Woodcarver’s Show held at the Belle-Claire Fair Grounds and an annual church rummage sale.


Meeting Times

Monthly Potluck Suppers are held at 6:30 PM on the third Saturday of each month.

For additional information, contact the FUPC office at 618-233-0295 or Skippers John and Dee Mann at 618-558-5669 /

Helmsmen Officers

Skippers– John and Dee Mann

First Mates– Chuck and Karen Thurig

Log Keepers– Amy and Sam Brummitt

Pursers– Dwight and Joyce Lied  


The Library Committee operates the First United Presbyterian church library, providing Christian-oriented books and materials for education, and research. These are available to members of the church, groups within the church and the community at large.
The library is a great resource for families, providing books and materials for all ages, starting with books for babies.

We love the fellowship and the commitment and dedication that is given to the work of the library.

The Library Committee meets monthly at an undisclosed day of the week (except June, Jul, Aug.) at 10:00am in the First United Presbyterian church library.

Want to know more about the library committee? Contact:
Virginia Purkel, Chair: 618-628-9886/
Inez Bridges, Manager